Now, What Else Can We Get “Clarified”?

 Posted on August 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

It took a little over a month.

The Houston Police Department Chief's Command issued a memo of questionable legality forbidding cops from talking to defense lawyers without permission.

Some 60 HCCLA members, incited and led by former president Robb Fickman, descended upon Houston City Council to protest (video).

And the Chief rescinded the suspect order.

Except he didn't call it a rescission. He called it a clarification. Because "officers shall have no discussion with criminal defense attorneys regarding any pending criminal case without first obtaining express permission from the federal prosecutor, assistant district attorney or municipal prosecutor assigned to the case" is certainly unclear, when what you mean is "permission from the prosecutor is NOT required before speaking to a criminal defense attorney about a pending case." (All emphasis in original.)

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