Outsource Your Marketing, 3000 Words Edition

 Posted on November 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

Houston's own Lindeman, Alvarado, and Frye has made ATL with four of its website pictures tastelessly illustrating "Child Sexual Assault & Internet Solicitiation [sic] of a Minor" (shown below), "Rape & Sexual Assault," and "Family Violence." (H/T Gideon, whose post is entitled "Why people think criminal-defense lawyers are scum.")

I know Jim Lindeman, Gil Alvarado, and Brad Frye-all good lawyers-and I'm pretty comfortable saying that none of them designed their website like this, nor would they have. At the bottom of each page of their website it's branded a "FirmSite by FindLaw."

What is it that Turkewitz says? Oh, yes: "outsourcing marketing = outsourcing ethics." And what's my addition to that? "Outsourcing marketing = outsourcing reputation." FindLaw has moved on from its cookie-cutter websites, and in the process has made Jim, Gil, and Brad minor stars of the blawgosphere.

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