Potential Topics for the Criminal-Defense Skunkworks

 Posted on March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here are a few ideas I've had for subjects that our criminal-defense skunkworks could inquire into:

  1. Facial emotion recognition as a tool in trial (see Unmasking the Face: A Guide to Recognizing Emotions From Facial Expressions

  1. Turning the tables: criminal-interrogation techniques in cross examination (see Criminal Interrogation And Confessions

  1. Applying the lessons of aikido to trial (see Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere: An Illustrated Introduction

  1. Mitigation experts in non-capital cases.

These are subjects that I've given a little thought to, but that I think could use some in-depth research and experimentation. There's a whole universe of other things that we've been widely ignoring that might make us better advocates for our clients.

Even if you're not interested in joining the skunkworks yourself, please drop me a comment and tell me what subjects you think might be productively studied.

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