Practical Blawgosphere Rollcall

 Posted on July 14, 2007 in Uncategorized

I wrote here about the Practical Blawgosphere - the group of blogs producing original content useful to the practice of law. I am starting a list of blawgs in the Practical Blawgosphere. Here are the rough criteria:

1. Blog;

2. Recently updated;

3. Focused on knowledge or ideas

3a. clearly useable in the practice of law; or

3b. potentially useable in the practice of law, along with a discussion of how they might be useable.

A blog discussing how to pick juries would qualify under 3a, as would a blog talking about how to deal with difficult clients or how to keep one's sanity as a public defender or how to get business as a private defender. A lawyer's blog venting about the frustrations of the work might qualify if it could easily be mined for useable knowledge or ideas.

A blog discussing some other technology - neuroscience, for example, or improvisational theatre - would qualify under 3a only if it related the technology to the practice of law. Blogviation about current events would not qualify.

Click here to email me (The address was broken; I've fixed it now. I'll kill the address after a couple of weeks) to suggest a blawg that I should add to the list.

I'll visit all of the suggested blogs and post a list, possibly sorted by subject.

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