Respect Your Betters, Peon!

 Posted on April 05, 2019 in Uncategorized

Chris McNutt, executive director of the nonprofit group Texas Gun Rights, blames Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen for a Constitutional Carry bill not being heard in the House. So he went to visit Bonnen's home. (Bonnen claims that McNutt knew Bonnen wasn't at home, and calls the visit "gutless.")

As a result, Poncho Nevárez, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said that "the behavior of certain groups and/or individuals who are unreasonable in their expectations and even more unreasonable in their behavior caused me to reconsider" having a hearing on the Constitutional Carry bill.

McNutt's visit to Bonnen's home was perfectly legal. Bonnen's point about gutlessness notwithstanding, McNutt had as much right to call on Bonnen's home as to call on anyone's.

Home visits from constituents should be a regular part of public servants' lives, because they tend to forget who their masters are.

But Nevárez's reaction should surprise nobody. Because they do tend to forget.

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