Sometimes the Texas Legislature Gets it Right

 Posted on September 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Add this to the list of reasons that Texas is a better place to practice criminal defense law:

Art. 38.075. Corroboration of Certain Testimony Required(a) A defendant may not be convicted of an offense on the testimony of a person to whom the defendant made a statement against the defendant's interest during a time when the person was imprisoned or confined in the same correctional facility as the defendant unless the testimony is corroborated by other evidence tending to connect the defendant with the offense committed. In this subsection, "correctional facility" has the meaning assigned by Section 1.07, Penal Code.(b) Corroboration is not sufficient for the purposes of this article if the corroboration only shows that the offense was committed.

(We already had informant-corroboration and accomplice-corroboration statutes. What I'd really love to see, though, is a cop-corroboration statute.)

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