That Sharolyn Wood Is Such a Joker.

 Posted on November 06, 2008 in Uncategorized

From this morning's Chronicle story (by Mary Flood and Brian Rogers) on the ouster of the Republican judges:

Civil District Judge Sharolyn Wood, who lost the seat she's had since 1985, lamented that voters have lost "about 250 years of judicial experience" in this sweep. She said Harris County's judiciary has been kept stable by an understanding that experienced judges weren't challenged, but that unspoken agreement was tossed out this year.

An understanding? You understood that all you had to do to have life tenure was last a term or two? And this was by unspoken agreement?


Wasn't it more that, until 2008, the Democrats so despaired of winning under the Harris County One-Party system that nobody could be stirred to run, even against the most dismal incompetents?

Alternate Titles I considered for this post:

  1. Well, Why Didn't You Just Say So Earlier?

  2. This is Why I'm Leery of Talking to Brian Rogers.

  3. She's Learned a A Lot as a Judge - Before 1985 She Couldn't Even Spell "Entitled".

(This makes Sharolyn Wood the first sitting judge to win an Asshat Lawyer of the Day Award, by the way.)

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