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 Posted on August 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

AHCL writes about Houston criminal-defense lawyer / city councilwoman / superheroine Jolanda Jones rescuing a woman from a burning car. In other Harris County lawyer / superheroine news, I've learned that ADAs Connie Spence, Traci "no relation" Bennett, and Caroline Dozier recently saved the life of a civilian who had collapsed outside the criminal justice center. They noticed a man on the ground and Connie began compressions until she was relieved by a Precinct 1 Constable, and Caroline began rescue breathing. Traci went inside the courthouse to call 911.

The man (who had nothing to do with the criminal courthouse except the good luck of having his heart give out in the general vicinity of Caroline, Traci, and Connie) was last reported to have been in the hospital and stable. The three prosecutors deserve the highest praise for their quick and compassionate action.

(I know sometimes I seem to be a little rough in my treatment of prosecutors here. If I am, it's not because I think prosecutors are lousy human beings - the vast majority of them aren't - but because they're decent, and sometimes exceptional, human beings who can do a lot of good when they turn their efforts toward helping individual human beings rather than enforcing the will of the Crown.)

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