The Jew With a Gun Next Door

 Posted on October 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

A couple of years ago (!) I wrote about mapping the blogosphere as a metaphorical space, with proximity measured by commonality of interest as represented by mutual links.

Today New York criminal-defense lawyer Scott Greenfield has a nice profile today of one of our virtual neighbors, Minneapolis renaissance man Joel "Jdog" Rosenberg. Not a lawyer, Joel is a well-informed amateur with an excellent sense of fair play and justice.

Joel is a frequent commenter here. He's also a guy I have called a time or two when I was in serious need of reliably wise and objective advice not tainted by a law degree. He hasn't steered me wrong.

There's perennial yammering about blogs being obsolete, or defunct, or summat, but I'm not buying it. I see the connection of that Minnesota scifi writer and this Houston criminal-defense lawyer as a triumph of the medium.

Thanks, Joel; read Scott's piece, y'all.

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