The Lawyer and the Psychic

 Posted on December 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

I feel for Michael Busby. According to him, he was having marital trouble, so he went to a professional. He paid good money-$530-for a solution to his problem. And things went wrong. The professional took another $2,700 from him, which he says he put in a box for the professional to cleanse and return to him. Ten days later she had not returned it. So he sued her.

It'd be so easy to snark: A lawyer, a professional upon whose judgment people in distress rely, loses his money by giving it to a blatant charlatan and then publicly admits it by filing a lawsuit.

And yet...

Yet Busby went to the psychic for love. Love makes people-even lawyers-do desperate, foolish things.

And rather than be embarrassed at having done a foolish thing for love, Busby went to the courts to seek redress, to get money back for himself, and to protect-it is hoped-other people from the depredations of crooks. For while we might expect lawyers to know better than to give money to psychics, we don't expect this of everybody-clearly many people get ripped off by psychics, because if psychics didn't rip people off, psychics wouldn't exist.

I suspect that psychics depend on people with power being too embarrassed to admit that they've been ripped off. As long as people with power won't publicly admit that they have been ripped off by a psychic, psychics will be able to keep ripping people off.

So I commend Busby for doing a foolish thing for love (I hope that his wife appreciates the effort), for being man enough to admit that he did something foolish, and for trying to keep other people from making the same foolish mistake he did.

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