The New Kids on the Blawck

 Posted on April 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

One of the highlights of the year, in my itinerant childhood overseas, was the end of summer, when the new kids arrived-in high school at AES in New Delhi, maybe 20% of the 150 students were new each year. It was an exciting time, full of possibility for new friends, and it never disappointed.

I got good at making new friends fast.

I feel a little of the same excitement when a new blog pops up in my little criminal-law neighborhood of the practical blawgosphere. The most recent two are D.C. criminal-defense lawyer Mirriam Seddiq's Not Guilty and Orange County criminal-defense lawyer Brian Gurwitz's In Your Defense.

Mirriam has actually been blogging since 2004 (I started blogging back about then too, and kept at it for maybe three or four posts), was quiet from 2007 to 2009, and is back with a vengeance now. Read Why is that Panda eating a Lion? And Chicks and their moral dilemmas – what? And F Criminal Defense Attorney ISO Same for Friendship and More. Hell, read it all. Mirriam's a sharp criminal-defense philosopher and an excellent writer.

Brian started blogging late last year, but is only getting rolling now. In Your Defense is a Justia blog, but it doesn't suck. Brian has a wickedly warped sense of humor (see Texas Justice: Swift and Salacious) and no reluctance to use his blog to talk about non-criminal-justice topics dear to him (see Justice for Hudson, the Chocolate Lab, but don't click the first link if you're a dog lover, unless you want to cry.)

Welcome to the neighborhood, Mirriam and Brian.

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