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 Posted on April 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

I wrote:

METRO says they went where the crime is, but if they had spent eight hours running drug dogs through Park-and-Ride buses they probably would have made as many weed cases, more cocaine cases, and some gun cases for good measure.But affluent white folk ride Park-and-Ride buses. Affluent white folk don't do their prostitution business on the bus, affluent white folk don't plead guilty at the first court appearance, and affluent white folk have politicians who listen to them.Much easier to go fishing where the fish don't bite back.

Today I ran into a METRO police officer I knew (I used to be the lawyer for the METRO Police Officers Association, the METRO cops' union). He's not a reader of my blog, but unprompted he said almost exactly the same thing: "if we ran dogs through Park-and-Ride buses, we'd make a bunch of arrests, but those people would be up in arms, and it'd be a real headache."

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