Trial in Court 14: Voir Dire III

 Posted on April 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Anonymous Prosecutor did a really nice job in jury selection. Next up: D.

You're probably all wondering what you got yourself into today. There's a tension in this courtroom; I'm going to try my best to explain to you what's going on. There's more to it than just a class B trespass case.

I appreciate AP, the courtroom, the judge, living in a country where we have rights and process.

I didn't come here to address the issues.

The subject here is a class B misdemeanor trespass.

AP is new here, and I had agreed to have case before the judge (objection overruled). I was comfortable with the court system. The court called me a week later... (objection sustained). (State refused to waive jury? WTF, AP?)I'm thankful for each one of you.

My message is that each one of you, we are all loved. We are important to our creator. He is dealing with all of us in a wonderful unique way.

I have 9 years in navy civil engineer corps and 12 years in reserves. I don't hold the judge's army service against him.

I had a roommate who used to tell people who came to door with religious materials that he was a Frisbitarian. He believed that our souls are like frisbees, thrown up onto the roof when we die till they are bleached by the sun and go to heaven.

Anyone object to him exercising his religion in his home?

I've been here since 2001. I'm a civil engineer, work for a marine construction company. Contracts manager. I'm also an evangelist, I love telling people about my faith if they're interested; a lot of people aren't. I wasn't till I was 38. When I was 38 I lost everything in my life. Family, home (tearing up). In the process I hurt a lot of people. I was pretty full of myself. At that point something happened in my life that caused me to say to my creator, "take this mess that I have made." August 17, 1992.

Remarried, wonderful Christian life, three sons-Matthew, Mark, Daniel Luke. My sons from my first marriage are in DC and at UT med school.

It's been said here that this isn't about abortion. This is a class B misdemeanor criminal trespass case.

You'll see in a little while what is going on in our city.

I've been blowing the shofar now for five years. (Objection-sustained as to going into facts of the case.)

The point is that with all the positive things going on in our city... I believe that the creator loves Houston very very much. The scene of the crime is not an abortion clinic. (Objection sustained just as it was getting interesting.) Standby counsel whispers in D's ear.

I promised you an explanation of the Tallit. I'm a born-again evangelical Jewish guy. There is an obnoxious group of folks out there, churchgoers. This is a Tallit. The Old Testament tells us to wear God's word from the four corners of our garments. This represents the word of God, I'm getting under it. It is a Judeo-Christian custom.

I don't care what side of the issue you're on. I just want to tell you that you're all loved. We're going to pick out six of you, the rest of you don't feel bad that you're not picked.

My best to the district attorney, I thank the court and you for being here this morning.

(Damn. I want to applaud.)

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