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 Posted on October 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

"Amy Reynolds" of WUFSD to me:

I saw that your website has accepted guest posts in the past and I would like to write one for you as well. I looked at your site, but I did not see a link to any submission criteria for guest posts. If I missed it, I apologize...... Best regards,

(That last image, for those reliant on text, begins, "This email is intended to be confidential and is intended for the addressed recipient only. The contents are intended to propose a relationship and not to sell or promote a good or service or to promote the contents of a particular website." It gives the address of WUFSD as "2885 Sanford Ave. SW #18540, Grandville, MI 49418." That address is a mail-forwarding company.)

My response to Amy Reynolds:

You mean this site?:/2011/10/your-latest-trick-with-bonus-lawyers.html

Amy's reply:

Good Afternoon,Yes, sorry about the confusion! I forgot to add the "blog" part into your URL. If you would be interested in receiving a guest post from me just let me know!Thanks and have a great evening!Amy

Amy is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. My rejoinder:

Clearly, you didn't follow the link.You should check it out:/2011/10/your-latest-trick-with-bonus-lawyers.html

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