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Fraud comes in many forms. In most cases, fraud is a serious federal white collar crime. Fraud is often committed intentionally, but sometimes people are charged with fraud after making innocent mistakes on important paperwork. Fraud schemes may be simple or highly complex. The seriousness of the crime and the potential punishments hinge on the type of fraud committed and the amount of money involved. If you are facing federal fraud charges, it is important to find an attorney to help you fight back. In some cases, fraud charges can be downgraded to a misdemeanor in plea bargaining, or our skilled legal team can take your case to trial and fight for you.

Bennett & Bennett is devoted to serious federal crime defense. Our team has the experience it takes to defend people accused of federal crimes like fraud. Over the years, we have developed powerful defense strategies and a high level of skill and confidence in the courtroom. If you have been charged with fraud or believe you are under investigation for fraud, we can begin taking steps to protect you immediately.

Types of Federal Fraud Charges

There are numerous variations of fraud charges, including:

  • Bank fraud—Providing false information to a bank in order to obtain money or credit is taken seriously. As most banks are backed by the federal government, bank fraud is generally charged at the federal level. In some cases, bank fraud may involve identity theft.
  • Mortgage fraud—As real estate prices soar, mortgage fraud is likely to become more common. Buying a house may be out of reach for many. Misreporting your income or other important information can lead to fraud charges.
  • Wire fraud—The term wire fraud encompasses most fraud schemes that are carried out through the use of electronic communications. Using email, text messaging, social media, or messaging apps to further a fraud scheme fall under federal wire fraud laws. It may be categorized as a computer crime as well. For example, using email to carry out a romance scam may be considered wire fraud.
  • Mail Fraud—Using the United States Postal Service or another national carrier to further a fraud scheme may lead to federal charges due to the involvement of a federal service.
  • Healthcare Fraud—Healthcare fraud is somewhat common. It is understandable that people who do not have access to healthcare may commit fraud in order to receive the care they need. However, providing false information in an effort to obtain insurance or care can result in federal charges. Healthcare fraud commonly involves Medicaid or Medicare. It may also be committed by healthcare providers, such as a doctor billing insurance for a service he did not provide.

Each of these types of fraud is taken very seriously at the federal level. The consequences can be serious. You could face years or even decades in prison depending on the nature of the offense. Even when the judicial sentencing has been completed, you may still struggle with things like finding suitable housing and a job in your field. It is important to work with an attorney who has experience with federal white collar criminal defense so that you will have the best chances of avoiding conviction for the crime you were charged with.

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If you are under investigation for fraud or have already been charged, Bennett & Bennett can help to protect your rights. Our highly experienced federal white collar criminal defense lawyers will do all we can to minimize any impact this case will have on your life. To schedule your initial consultation, please contact us at 713-224-1747.

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