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Being charged with a federal crime is often a great deal more serious than being charged with the same offense at the state level. Federal sentencing tends to be harsher—you could face years in prison for a crime that would have likely led to probation at the state level. Internet crime has long been on the rise. It is very commonly prosecuted federally because so many internet-based schemes reach victims or institutions in other states. Many different types of offenses fall into the broad category of internet crime. Schemes that traditionally took place in person or through the mail now more commonly take place online. The types of penalties you could face depend heavily on the type of offense committed and the overall harm done.

If you have been federally charged with an internet crime, you could be in danger of going to prison for many years. Bennett & Bennett is highly skilled in helping people who are facing these serious federal charges. Our practice is almost exclusively devoted to federal criminal defense, so we are well-practiced and confident in federal court. Over time, we have developed a number of powerful criminal defense strategies. We will work tirelessly to identify the best possible defenses in your case to give you the best chance of avoiding a felony conviction.

Federal Internet Crimes Come in Many Forms

A good deal of criminal enterprise has moved online. Even drug dealers may now prefer to do business over the internet. Common types of federal internet crimes our attorneys can help with include:

  • Drug crimes—There is a significant online black market for illicit substances. This often means that drugs are being shipped across state lines or national borders. Online drug sales operations are sometimes large enterprises.
  • Sex crimes—Offenses like possession of child pornography and solicitation of a minor are frequently committed over the internet. Promotion of prostitution is also commonly carried out online. Many modern day sex workers prefer to advertise over the internet.
  • Fraud—Many financial documents and credit applications have moved online. Providing false information or using another person's identity online for the purpose of defrauding another party is likely to lead to fraud charges. Using a phishing scheme to collect others' personal identifying information may also fall into this category.

While people tend to feel anonymous on the internet, this is not always the case. The federal government is constantly adapting and learning new ways to identify those who are committing computer crimes, even if protective features like a VPN are used.

The seriousness of a computer crime—and the potential sentencing—depends on the nature and extent of the crime committed. The offenses above are generally treated as felonies. A felony carries at least one year in federal prison, but can carry decades in some circumstances.

If you have been charged with a crime committed using a computer, you may face additional charges like wire fraud for the use of electronic communication in committing a crime. It is important that you take the situation very seriously and make finding an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer your highest priority.

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Bennett & Bennett is uniquely focused on federal white collar crime and has the years of experience it takes to put forth the strongest defense possible. Our attorneys are well-practiced in federal criminal courts. We will do all we can to minimize any impact this case might have on your life going forward. To arrange an initial consultation, please contact us at 713-224-1747.

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