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Federal crimes represent a serious class of offenses that carry heavy penalties. When crimes are prosecuted at the federal level, the stakes are significantly higher than in state court cases. If you or a loved one are facing federal charges, it is crucial to engage the services of a criminal defense attorney who has experience defending clients in federal courts.

At Bennett & Bennett, our seasoned attorneys understand the complexities of federal law, and we can develop robust, creative defense strategies. We will work diligently to protect your rights and interests while taking steps to ensure that you can achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Defense Against Federal Charges in Houston and Harris County

With our understanding of the federal statutes that apply in criminal cases, we can ensure that defendants will be able to respond correctly during investigations conducted by government agencies, and we can help them mount a successful defense in federal courts. We can assist with cases involving:

  • White collar crimes - Offenses of a financial nature may seem to be less serious than some other types of crimes, but when they affect people in multiple states, an alleged offender may face serious penalties. We can help defend against federal charges of fraud, including cases involving bank fraud, mortgage fraud, wire fraud, or healthcare fraud. We can also determine how to address charges involving internet crimes such as identity theft or accusations of money laundering.
  • Drug crimes - When the government suspects that a person has committed a drug offense that involves the transportation of controlled substances across state lines or international borders or otherwise affects people in multiple states, federal charges may apply, and harsh penalties may be imposed following a conviction. Our firm can help defend against multiple types of federal drug charges, including those related to drug distribution or drug trafficking, as well as accusations of drug conspiracies.
  • Violent crimes - While many offenses involving violence will be charged at the state level, federal charges may apply in certain situations. Offenses such as homicide or assault may be considered federal crimes if they occurred on U.S. government property or were committed against federal officials. Bank robbery or other forms of robbery may also be charged at the federal level in certain situations.
  • Sex crimes - When a person is accused of committing an offense such as sexual assault, they will often face charges in state courts. However, if the alleged offense involved violations of federal laws, federal charges may apply. Sexual offenses that may be charged at the federal level may include possession of child pornography or sex trafficking.
  • Hate crimes - Offenses in which individuals were allegedly targeted because of their race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability may result in federal charges in certain situations. Our attorneys can respond to allegations of hate crimes and provide guidance on how to defend against a conviction while protecting the reputation of the alleged offender.
  • Aiding and abetting - Individuals who are accused of helping another person commit a federal offense may face the same charges as those who actually committed the crime in question. Even if they did not take part in the commission of the alleged crime, they could still be held responsible if they took actions to plan, promote, or facilitate criminal activity. Our lawyers can provide guidance on how to address these charges and defend against a conviction.

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At Bennett & Bennett, we understand the difficulties that people face when defending against federal offenses. Our attorneys are fully committed to helping each client take steps to respond to the accusations against them and defend against a conviction. With our extensive experience representing clients in federal courts, we can help clients build effective defense strategies. To learn more about how we can help with federal charges, contact us at 713-224-1747 and schedule a confidential consultation.

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