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Many people believe that you must follow through with committing a crime in order to be charged with an offense. Unfortunately, this is not true. Drug conspiracy is a criminal charge that relates to agreeing to—but not necessarily committing—a drug crime. You do not need to take steps in furtherance of the crime you were allegedly planning. Being arrested and charged comes as a shock to many people who are charged with a conspiracy offense. You may have believed that you were not committing a crime simply by talking about it. Defending someone charged with drug conspiracy can be a complex endeavor.

Bennett & Bennett is highly experienced in defending those charged with federal drug conspiracy. Our attorneys have learned strong and effective defense strategies particular to this crime. Conspiracy charges can be difficult, as the government generally must only prove that you and at least one other person had agreed to commit a drug crime. There is an art to conspiracy defense, and it is one our team has learned well.

Understanding Federal Drug Conspiracy Charges

There are two things the federal prosecutor must prove in order to secure a conviction if the case goes to trial. They must be able to show that first, two or more people (including you) had partnered in order to break a federal drug law like those prohibiting drug distribution. They must also prove that each party to the conspiracy knew about the illicit agreement.

The strength of the government's case depends on the evidence available. In many cases, text messages or emails exchanged between the parties to the conspiracy are used against them. However, this is not always perfect evidence. It is not out of the realm of possibility that the parties were merely joking or speaking facetiously. One of the biggest concerns about this offense is that the government does not need to prove that you were going to follow through with carrying out the crime, but only that you agreed to.

You may be convicted of federal drug conspiracy if you agree to break federal drug laws like:

  • Drug distribution
  • Drug trafficking
  • Possessing with intent to distribute
  • Drug manufacturing

Federal conspiracy laws can be harsh. Even if you never began to carry out the alleged criminal scheme, you could still be convicted of a serious crime. Many who are charged with this offense state that they had no intention of actually engaging in criminal conduct. Proving this, however, can be challenging.

Cannabis and Federal Drug Conspiracy

It is fairly common for people to be charged with federal drug conspiracy after making a plan to bring cannabis from a legal state into an illegal state. Because marijuana is federally illegal, there is no leniency when a person plans to cross state lines with THC products. Merely discussing how you could purchase cannabis in a legal state and return to Texas with it could lead to these charges.

Penalties for Conspiring to Commit a Drug Crime

The penalties for federal drug conspiracy can be quite harsh. The penalties depend on which federal drug law the government believes you conspired to break. A conspiracy to distribute even a small quantity of a controlled substance can result in a ten-year minimum sentence. More complex and high-volume drug trafficking or distribution schemes will lead to harsher penalties. You can expect to face jail time if you are convicted of federal drug conspiracy.

A conviction like this can follow you for the rest of your life. You may find that there are many doors closed to you. Even after the judicial consequences have been completed, a conviction like this can prevent you from having the career you want or even living where you want to.

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