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Three Opinions

Kelly Siegler is behind 4-1 in the informal poll I’ve conducted down at the courthouse this week of people whose continued employment doesn’t depend on Kelly Siegler’s election.

• A former Harris County prosecutor (now a prosecutor elsewhere) who served in Judge Lykos’s court would vote for Pat Lykos over Kelly Siegler, whom he describes as “nasty.”

• A young defense lawyer is planning a fundraiser for Pat Lykos.

• A longtime Harris County district court judge would vote for Kelly Siegler over Pat Lykos, whom she describes as “cruel.” A staunch Republican, this judge would vote for C.O. Bradford, even, over Pat Lykos.

• A longtime defense lawyer, who has a “Jeffersonian view of democracy” is pulling for a Democratic victory and general bloodletting down at the courthouse (to refresh the tree of liberty), but would choose Pat Lykos over Kelly Siegler.

• Another longtime defense lawyer, generally held in high esteem, is encouraging anyone who didn’t vote in the Democratic primary to vote for Pat Lykos in the runoff.

Totally unscientific and worth what you paid for it, except that it debunks the myth fostered over at Life that Pat Lykos has no supporters who know their way around the courthouse.

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