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Being accused of domestic violence is a serious matter that can have far-reaching consequences for your personal and professional life. In the state of Texas, domestic-violence offenses are vigorously prosecuted, even against the wishes of the alleged victim, and those who are convicted are likely to face severe penalties. However, it is important to remember that merely being accused does not mean you are guilty.

If you have been falsely accused or believe that your actions were justified in a domestic dispute, it is crucial to consult with an experienced criminal-defense attorney who focuses on defending against allegations of domestic violence. At Bennett & Bennett, our skilled legal team is committed to protecting the rights and interests of individuals who have been accused of family violence in Houston and throughout Texas.

The Impact of Domestic Violence Charges in Houston

In the state of Texas, law enforcement agencies and the legal system place significant importance on addressing claims or allegations related to domestic violence. Family violence encompasses a wide range of criminal offenses that may be committed against family members, household members, people in dating relationships, and people formerly in these relationships, including actions that result in physical harm or instill fear in the victim. These offenses can include assault, sexual assault, stalking, harassment, and more.

If you are convicted of a domestic violence offense in Houston, you may face severe consequences that can have long-lasting effects on various aspects of your life, such as:

  1. Jail time: A conviction on charges of assault or other offenses related to domestic violence can lead to jail time or imprisonment. The length of a sentence may depend on several factors, such as the nature and severity of the offense, your previous criminal record, and whether there were any aggravating circumstances.
  2. Fines and court fees: Along with potential jail time, a conviction on family violence charges may require you to pay substantial fines imposed by the court. Additionally, court-related fees may need to be covered as part of the legal process.
  3. Mandatory participation in counseling programs: In many instances involving domestic violence convictions in Houston courts, participation in counseling or treatment programs becomes mandatory as part of the terms of probation or parole.
  4. Child custody: Allegations of domestic violence may result in your children being removed from your home and placed in the foster care system, or you could potentially lose custody of their children in a divorce or family law case.
  5. Protective orders: Accusations of family violence or abuse may result in a court issuing an order of protection against you. These orders may affect your ability to return to your home and contact your spouse, children, or other family members.
  6. Firearms restrictions: Either a protective order or conviction of a family-violence offense will almost always cost you your right to possess firearms under federal law.
  7. Enhancement of future offenses: If you are convicted of a family-violence offense, the next time you are charged with such an offense it will likely be an automatic felony charge.

Building a Strong Defense Strategy

To mount an effective defense against allegations of domestic violence in Houston, it is imperative to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. At Bennett & Bennett, our lawyers will meticulously evaluate every aspect of your case to build a strong strategy tailored specifically to your situation.

A successful defense strategy may involve:

  1. Examining the evidence: Our legal team will thoroughly investigate the alleged incident and analyze all available evidence, such as police reports, witness statements, medical records, or any electronic communications that may support your defense. We will identify any inconsistencies or weaknesses in the prosecution's case.
  2. Challenging credibility: In many instances of false domestic violence accusations, it is possible to challenge the credibility of the accuser. This could involve presenting evidence that a person has a motive for making false claims or highlighting any inconsistencies in their statements. Additionally, we can look into potential witnesses who can provide testimony on your behalf.
  3. Finding witness representation: Often the alleged victim in a family-violence case does not want the defendant prosecuted, and the State proceeds with the prosecution anyway. Where we do not represent the defendant, we can represent the alleged victim; where we represent the defendant, we can help the alleged victim find counsel who can help her get the State to follow her wishes.
  4. Self-defense or consent: If you acted to defend yourself against a family member who attempted to harm you or were protecting your children or others from harm during an altercation; or if the alleged assault was mutual combat, our attorneys will present a compelling case to demonstrate that your actions were justified under Texas law.

The Importance of Legal Representation

If you have been accused of domestic-violence in Houston, retaining skilled legal representation should be your top priority. Attempting to navigate these complex legal matters alone can leave you vulnerable to harsh penalties and lifelong consequences.

At Bennett & Bennett, our experienced domestic violence attorneys understand the emotional toll that these allegations can take on you and your family. With our unwavering dedication and extensive knowledge of Texas criminal law and local court procedures, we will tirelessly fight for your rights throughout every stage of the legal process.

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If you are facing allegations of domestic violence in Houston or anywhere else throughout Texas, do not delay in seeking legal representation from Bennett & Bennett. Our compassionate attorneys are here to support you during this challenging time. Contact us today at 713-224-1747 to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our experienced professionals.

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