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What is Indecency with a Child in Texas?

Being accused of crimes against children is an incredibly serious matter that can have life-altering consequences. The offense of indecency with a child is a sexual offense that can result in severe penalties. If you have been accused of this type of crime in Texas, it is crucial to understand the nature of the charges and the potential consequences you may face if you are convicted. The legal system takes these offenses very seriously, and those who are accused are often treated as if they are guilty. Defending against these accusations requires the help of a tenacious, dedicated criminal defense lawyer.

In these challenging situations, an experienced attorney can help protect your rights while building a strong defense strategy on your behalf. At Bennett & Bennett, we have extensive experience handling cases involving charges of sex crimes against children or other alleged victims. Our team understands the nuances of Texas law regarding indecent conduct with minors, and we will provide you with the legal help you need, working to find creative solutions that will allow you to avoid a conviction.

Understanding Indecency With a Child Charges

In Texas, indecency with a child generally refers to sexual or lewd acts performed in front of or involving minors under the age of 17 years old. Any form of sexual contact with a minor may result in criminal charges, and a person who is accused of exposing themselves to a child or causing the child to expose their private parts for the person's sexual gratification may also be charged with this offense. If force was allegedly used during the commission of these acts, or if a person allegedly engaged in sexual intercourse rather than sexual contact, more serious charges of sexual assault may apply, and a conviction may result in even harsher penalties.

It is important to note that Texas law contains what are sometimes known as "Romeo and Juliet" provisions that provide some leniency in cases involving consensual sexual activity between people of similar ages. A person may be able to defend against indecency with a child charges by showing that they were no more than three years older than the alleged victim.

Legal Penalties for Indecency with a Child

In Texas, indecency with a child involving sexual contact is considered to be a second-degree felony offense in most cases. An offense of indecency with a child that involves only indecent exposure may result in third-degree felony charges. If you are convicted of indecency with a child, you may face severe criminal penalties, including:

  • Imprisonment: A conviction for indecency with a child carries a minimum sentence of two years in prison. A second degree felony conviction has a maximum sentence of 20 years, and a third degree felony carries a maximum sentence of 10 years.
  • Fines: In addition to imprisonment, fines of up to $10,000 may be imposed upon conviction.
  • Sex-offender registration: If you are convicted of indecency with a child, Texas law requires mandatory registration as a sex offender. Sex offender registration imposes public notification requirements and residency restrictions, which can severely impact your personal and professional life.

Social Consequences

The criminal penalties you may face if you are convicted of indecency with a child will not be the only consequences you are likely to face. Accusations of child sex crimes can have profound social implications as well, including:

  • Damaged reputation: Allegations of inappropriate conduct involving a child can tarnish your reputation permanently. Even if you are found innocent, the stigma may persist, affecting your personal relationships and standing in the community.
  • Limited employment prospects: A conviction for indecency with a child can create barriers when seeking employment. If you are required to register as a sex offender, certain careers involving direct contact with minors may be off-limits. Even if you are not convicted, your arrest could show up in a background check, and certain employers may choose not to hire you.

To address these concerns, it is important to work with an attorney who can not only help you defend against a criminal conviction but who can also help you protect your reputation. At Bennett & Bennett, we help our clients find creative solutions in these situations, working to ensure that their lives will not be permanently affected by accusations of crimes against children.

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