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James J. McCarthy, IV, "Senior Account Executive of Business Development" at, comments on my Yodle Lawyer Marketing Sucks post:

Although yodle should not have put a picture on their micro site that would put their client at risk, if I am not mistaken, are you not paying for leads from people searching for your services. Who cares where it came from as long as it brings you a new cusotmer/ ROI.

Really; I couldn't make this stuff up (maybe Ken or Patrick at Popehat could, but I couldn't).

This is an excellent demonstration (for which I'd like to thank Mr. McCarthy) of why lawyers need to stop outsourcing their marketing (and therefore their ethics and their reputations) to companies like FindLaw and Yodle; guys like McCarthy, Sparta Townson, and Jenni Buchanan; and other marketers: because to a marketer, "Who cares where it came from as long as it brings you a new customer/ ROI" is a reasonable rhetorical question.

Lawyers: these charlatans don't know, understand, or care about the ethical rules that you must follow, and that you are responsible for assuring your advertising follows. If you put your reputation in their hands, you will get burned. Count on it.

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