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 Posted on June 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Tannebaum wrote in No One Would Like My Commentary On The Casey Anthony Case about lawyers taking advantage of the "press frenzy" to get their faces on TV:

Some of the "reporting" by the local Orlando media is disgraceful. No one cares about fair trials anymore, it's all about the opinions, the "bombshells," and the guessing about what a jury will believe. Few of the commentators have ever tried a death penalty case, but no one asks, nor cares.Of course I have opinions about the case, about what I see going on in court. But this is not theatre, this is not a punching bag for the local defense bar to hit throughout the day. Have some damn dignity, let the trial go on – tell the media that you will not be a part of the frenzy. You walk the halls of the criminal justice system and using a life or death moment for your own fame is indefensible.You want to educate the public – do that. Do not use the time or microphone and camera to play contrarian to your brother of the bar just to gain favor with the vultures of the media that have already decided that the defendant is guilty.

Tannebaum paints a bleak picture, but I think it's much worse than he makes it out to be.

I got this spam email a couple of weeks ago:

Hello,As the Casey Anthony trial is taking place in your backyard, our media contacts (whom we have great relationships with) have let us know that they are actively seeking Criminal Defense Attorneys to comment on the case.If the thought of appearing on National & Local Television & National & Local Radio Shows has ever crossed your mind – This moment is yours to take.If not, simply write back REMOVE because you'll never again be the midst of a press frenzy like this – CNN, NBC, and Fox will be covering this 24-7.When you appear as a guest on national media, millions of eyes across America are on you and traffic drives to your website and ultimately can increase your bottom line....

The email went on to hawk the services of a legal PR company, willing to help me get "media value" by appearing on TV talking about the Casey Anthony trial. Never mind actual knowledge or experience: they think lawyers will be willing to pay actual money to appear on "National & Local Television & National & Local Radio Shows" commenting on the case.

I am sure they're right. It's a safe bet that some of the lawyers commenting on the case have paid to be part of the frenzy.

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