Another Houston Superhero

 Posted on July 08, 2009 in Uncategorized

HCCLA ex-president Robb Fickman joins The Houston Justice League:

I know this is hard to hear me out...He was driving back from Lake Charles (he wasn't gambling...he seeing at some of the industrial plants, and relaxing on the lovely beach fronts on the soothing lake), and when he neared the Highlands exit, traffic slowed. He looked to his right on the off ramp and noticed a small car laying upside down on the ramp. The car had obviously just been in a wreck and had flipped over with very serious damage. He pulled to the right into a construction area and got out. He saw another guy running toward the car. He jumped over the construction barrier onto the off ramp. He saw the other man at the car down the ramp. When that guy got to the car he looked in Robb's direction and waived at him frantically. Robb ran down the ramp to the car. The guy was freaking out and said there is a girl in the car. He had managed to get the door open.Robb knelt down next to the door and looked in. Shattered glass everywhere, the girl was hanging upside down in the car. She was alert but distraught. She kept repeating "please get me out of here. I cant get my seat belt off." Robb asked if she thought she was hurt and she said no. She was moving trying to reach her seatbelt but couldnt get it. He assured her she would be alright. By then several other people had arrived. Fickman told one of them to call 911. He then asked another one of the men to try to open the other door so they could get to her seat belt. He tried but it would not open.Robb told her to stay calm and he moved a mat over some of the broken glass. He then slid on his back under her suspended body. He was able to get past her and reach her seat belt which he undid. He held his arms up to keep her from falling. As he released her she fell onto his arms. He then told the men outside the car to help him get her out as it was very cramped. With a little maneuvering they were able to get her out. He gathered her purse, wallet and they moved her away from the vehicle. He waited for paramedics and the County to show up. She was in obvious shock. They got her to drink some water. When the paramedics showed up she was reluctant to go with them. Robb told her she should go just to make sure she was ok. When he left the paramedics were taking her away. It appeared the seatbelt and the good Lord saved her life. Before she left her boyfriend arrived. He was appreciative. Robb then admonished him that the next time he heard someone bad mouthing lawyers, he should tell them it was a lawyer that got his girlfriend out of her wreck.

Attaboy, Robb. Sure, your brother directs movies for Disney, parties with Dwayne Johnson, and dates Christine Lakin. But you'll always be the Fickman boy I'm proudest to know.

(Reporting by T.B. "Todd" Dupont, of Reasonable Doubt fame.)

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