Asshat Lawyer of the Day

 Posted on April 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

With a hat tip to alert reader Brendan Kelly, the story (USA Today Blog) of an Indiana Republican congressional candidate, Tony Zirkle, speaking at a birthday party for Adolf Hitler. (For this post only, the Rule Against Calling People Nazis in Comments is suspended.)

Brendan also helpfully directed me to Mr. Zirkle's politician CV, from which the first image is excerpted (edit: Help! My float is broken!)

lawyer CV.

When I started reading the politician CV, I wondered how someone could practice "divorce defense"; I figured that must be something that Nazi Republicans specialized in when they were morally opposed to divorce.

Then I noticed that at the Elkhart County Prosecutor's Office, according to the politician CV, Mr. Zirkle was a "Felony Divorce Prosecutor". I realized that Zirkle had done a search-and-replace on the lawyer CV, replacing "criminal" with "divorce" for the voters. So when he says that his focus at the law offices of Lee F. Mellinger was 40% criminal in the lawyer CV, and 40% divorce in the politician CV, he's lying at least once.

Clinching the Asshat-Lawyer-of-the-Day award for Mr. Zirkle, here, thanks to Indiana political blog, is a picture of Mr. Zirkle shredding (or pretending to shred? - I doubt that little shredder would handle a full magazine at one time) a December 1953 first-issue Playboy (or facsimile thereof? - it's available in reprint for $43 from Amazon) because "shredding porn will make men have sex with their wives, which will lead to a national economic rebound."

(What happens if I spend my tax refund check [Hartford Courant)] on porn?)

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