Asshat of the Day – Hurricane Ike Edition

 Posted on September 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

An anonymous commenter (he calls himself "Scott") on Eric Berger's SciGuy blog wrote:

You "experts" better HOPE it's as bad as your saying or your "chicken little" DRAMA will bite you from now on.You better HOPE it's another 25 years before the next one so people won't remember what DRAMA QUEEN MORONS you are!

Those who attack others anonymously in blog comments are, as a general principle, colossal asshats, not meriting any special attention in the form of an Asshat of the Day Award (ADA). But Eric, for those of you who haven't perused his blog, has been doing exceptional work, writing levelheadedly about Hurricane Ike's approach, tracking the experts' predictions, patiently explaining what Texans can expect, and answering hundreds of questions every afternoon in a lengthy live chat session.

I'm not saying Scott's polemic wouldn't be appropriate directed toward, say, the producers of any TV news program in town. But it's not appropriate toward SciGuy. Eric Berger is a beacon of reason in times of media-induced hysteria. He's the antidote to those in the media who squeeze every dram of drama out of each impending tropical storm.

And that's what makes "Scott" our Asshat of the Day.

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