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A must-read, especially for people think that baby prosecutors are magically endowed with wisdom to make decisions affecting other people's futures: the new blogger on the Harris County criminal law block, Life after Esq., is reporting from "baby prosecutors school" in Austin.

With plenty of breathless prose about partying, and palpable sexual tension between Ms. Esq. and "6'2″ and a half", it's like a TV show about high school:

The party boat took off and I was left on the speedboat in my bikini and no clothes. I was slightly concerned about that since they were talking about going straight from the boat to hula hut. That would cause a problem for me. I seemed to be the only person concerned about this. I had a total blast. I wish we could have spent more time doing that!!

Oh. My. God!!!

But that's not the best of it.

Oh, no no no.

Here's the best of it.

We walked into the hotel and to the pool. Stupid gate was locked. That's ok, it didn't stop me. I threw off my shoes and climbed over the fence. My now old 3 and Movie Star's 4 didn't climb over. They were afraid they'd fall off the fence and get a concussion. Well I dove into the pool with all my clothes on and then climbed back over the fence.

Confession to criminal trespass* by a Harris County prosecutor: Priceless.

Go read the whole thing. There was a rumor, published by Murray on his blog and quickly taken down, that Roger Bridgwater had told the prosecutors not to drink in public while they were at Baby Prosecutor School. Life after Esq.'s post makes that seem like a reasonable suggestion.

Ms. Esq. should realize three things, at least: 1) when she talks about "the very kind and very sweet Movie Star's 4" who told a cabbie, "Shut up and drive," it'll take us about 30 seconds with a current DA org chart to figure out who she's talking about (some friend!); 2) when she gets back to Houston, she's going to be prosecuting many people (if she still has a job) for offenses no less picayune than the class B misdemeanor that she's just confessed to in front of the whole world; and 3) she's not really anonymous.

I don't know Life after Esquire well enough to tell you whether she's a baby prosecutor of the self-righteous variety (prosecutrix sanctimonix). If she was before, I hope she won't be now.

This, by the way, is proof that it's better to be lucky than smart: The people she prosecutes are mostly smart enough not to brag about it on the internet, but Life after Esq. was lucky enough not to caught.

*See Milton v. State (CA14 1988):

The evidence is overwhelming and uncontradicted that appellant knew he was entering an area where he knew that he had no right or permission to be. We hold that the evidence is sufficient to support a conviction for the offense of criminal trespass.

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