Bullies, Betas, and Unquestioning Compliance

 Posted on December 03, 2010 in Uncategorized

The government wants the job of dealing with bullies; it doesn't want our kids to learn to stand up for themselves or others because it wants a monopoly on lawful force. But society needs people who stand up for others, even-no, especially-when the government is the bully.

Government wants people to depend on the state for their safety. Even if it succeeds and trains the rest of us to be unquestioningly compliant, there will always be sociopaths who don't acknowledge the rules by which the rest of us agree to abide. Such people are able to identify potential victims who are more socially submissive. Of course they're looking for that sort of victim-when seconds count, the police are just minutes away. Fortunately for the sociopaths, in the government's ideal beta-populated world, there will be many more victims because social submissiveness will be the norm.

When only sociopaths aren't unquestioningly compliant, everyone who isn't unquestioningly compliant will be a sociopath.

Fortunately for the government, procedures are being put into place for dealing "civilly" with those deemed antisocial: once a conviction for which the sentence is allowed to trigger civil commitment, a principle is in place allowing other government-condemned behavior to do so as well.

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