California: The Vacuous State

 Posted on September 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Only in California, I suspect, would it be "unlikely" for a good lawyer who is not a media whore to be representing someone on trial for his livelihood, his freedom, and his future.

When asked, I did my best to explain that there is no positive correlation between being a high-profile criminal-defense lawyer and being an excellent criminal-defense lawyer. Indeed, there is often a negative correlation: our clients don't benefit from publicity, so the lawyers who seek and get publicity are usually not acting in their clients' best interest, and are therefore failing in their jobs. I failed in my explanation. Californians are too in-love with celebrity to admit that there is no correlation between celebrity and quality.

I would pick Ed Chernoff over any of "legal star[] who practice[s] cable punditry between celebrity cases." Cable TV networks don't know diddly-squat about what makes a good lawyer, and they care even less; celebrities who get in trouble care more, know less, and aren't generally known for their smarts.

When you are in a bet-your-future fight, if you're smart you don't go to the tall buildings and hire a cable pundit. You go to the trenches and hire a trial lawyer like Ed.

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