Chuck's Very Bad Day?

 Posted on February 01, 2008 in Uncategorized

This came after I shut my laptop because of low battery power:

Judge Hoyt: Aren't there rules about preservation of documents at the state level?Chuck Rosenthal: Yes.Hoyt: In fact it can be a crime. It's called obstruction of justice at the federal level. What do you call it at the state level?Rosenthal: Tampering with evidence.Hoyt: And you've prosecuted people for that. Your office has prosecuted people for that.Rosenthal: Yes.

The line between ordinary citizen and felony indictee is grey and exceedingly fine. None of us - no matter how law-abiding - are more than one Very Bad Day from being charged with a felony. Chuck would probably have done well during his career in the DA's office to remember this, and to treat every person whose life or future was in his hands with the compassion and fairness that he would want if he were in their shoes.

For the universe is implacable in its settling of scores, and today may well have been Chuck's Very Bad Day.

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