DA Primaries

 Posted on May 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tomorrow-Tuesday-Harris County voters will choose Democratic and Republican candidates for District Attorney. The Democratic candidates are Zach Fertitta and Lloyd Oliver; the Republican contenders are Mike Anderson and incumbent Pat Lykos.

I sat down to lunch with Fertitta and Anderson for short interviews. I didn't get to interview Lykos because she didn't respond to requests, and I didn't interview Oliver because I think his Reasonable Doubt interview said enough.

Both Anderson and Fertitta said some interesting things. As a criminal-defense lawyer and resident of Harris County, I have mixed feelings about the Lykos DA's Office. There is no foreseeable outcome to this election that will hurt my feelings. I haven't felt inspired to turn my interviews into posts.

Depending on who wins the primaries tomorrow, I probably will.

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