Easter Bunny Pwnd

 Posted on April 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Every Easter the Easter Bunny visits our house, leaving a trail of plastic eggs containing slips of paper. The slips of paper contain clues to the location of presents for the kids (Easter was never this big a deal when I was little).

This year the first egg, left in a prominent location, contained a clue (a rhyme, suitable for a five-year-old) to the location of another, which in turn contained a clue to the location of the next, and so on until the pieces fit together to make an 8.5X11 sheet.

On the back of the sheet, once the pieces were assembled, was the following:

Jennifer, when she saw it, had doubts that an 8-year-old would have the patience to decipher the message.

I figured it would take her half an hour or so with my help.

It took her 30 seconds to break the code. Thirty seconds.

When I saw how she had done it, my first thought was that she had made a couple of unwarranted assumptions.

But winning is often about making correct assumptions that your adversary thinks are unwarranted. In other words, the Easter Bunny was flat-out outsmarted.

That rabbit's going to have to bring his "A" game next year.

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