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Montana criminal defense blog Fight ‘Em ‘Til We Can't (for my money, the best criminal defense blog name ever) calls our attention to Denver PD investigator Gary Norris's Daglaw blog post, Judge John Bayly, Asshole of the Week. DC judge Bayly (who rose above some strenuous competition for the honor) jailed a PD for continuing to insist that her client was homeless in the face of the judge's skepticism about the point.

According to a article on the incident,

Bayly called PDS general counsel Julia Leighton (who was not present at the hearing) to the bench and told her what had occurred: "She was oppositional and defiant. Not in an unpleasant way, you understand, you know, but she just defiantly refused what I said to do, which was to stop talking."

Don't you wish you had the power to jail someone who keeps telling you what you don't want to hear?

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