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 Posted on January 01, 2010 in Uncategorized

From "Kathryn," "," the subject was "why the people don't do anything about Sheriff Joe?"

We do something about Sheriff Joe! We re-elect him because he is an honorable man who enforces the laws on the books. And we will continue to re-elect him because he is the BEST sheriff Arizona has ever had.Mind your own business!

I don't respond to anonymous comments or emails-unless I can use them as teaching moments.

[Updated: another email, this time from Peri McMillan:

Mr. Bennett: I understand that you want to know why people don't do anything about Sheriff Joe. Why should anyone do anything? We finally have someone in power who has the integrity and the courage to stand up and do what's right for AMERICAN CITIZENS. Are you simply another so-called American who panders to the illegals? Is that your beef with Sheriff Joe? Unless you're braindead, you know that our schools, cities, states and country are overrun with illegals. They are taking our jobs, our identities (through our SS#s), closing our hospitals, raping, maiming and killing Americans and a whole lot more. Are you sleepwalking and/or do you live in your "mansion on the hill behind security gates" so you really aren't aware of the saturation of the illegals here in our country or is it you don't care? I certainly care about the American people and our country and I appreciate Sheriff Joe and all he's doing.

What is this, email Mark night for the ignorant scared kooks?

I don't think I ever asked why people didn't do anything about Sheriff Joe. To the contrary, I believe I have the answer.]

As I said here, and as "Kathryn" [and Peri McMillan] so ably demonstrate, the voters of Maricopa County do not love the Constitution. Also, they can't tell an honorable man from a ruthless paranoid. So, because they're scared and he makes them feel safer, they will continue to reelect Joe Arpaio.

People are not scared only in Maricopa County; they're scared all across America, and getting more scared every day. If we allow it to happen there in Maricopa County, some day soon it will happen here-wherever your "here" happens to be.

That's what makes Joe Arpaio and Andy Thomas my business, and yours.

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