Harris County's Appellate PDs. [Updated 29 December 2010]

 Posted on December 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Word is that Alex Bunin, Harris County's first Public Defender, has chosen Bob Wicoff to head his appellate division, and that they have offered positions as assistant PDs to Melissa Martin, Jani Maselli, and Sarah "Bennett's Brain" Wood.

Bunin's choice of Wicoff is commendable and, while I deeply resent their cooptation of my trial partner, I have to applaud Bunin and Wicoff's selections: true believers, smart people, and excellent writers every one.

Give 'em hell, ladies.

[Update: I learned today that Angela Cameron will also be joining the team. Everything I said about Melissa, Jani, and Sarah applies equally to Angela.]

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