Is It Anything Like a “Concierge Attorney”?

 Posted on October 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Two more lawyers (via Mary Flood, Houston Legal Blog) yesterday filed a notice of appearance in the criminal case against the beleaguered Allen Stanford: Stephen R. Cochell and Christopher Biebel. I've never heard of them, and neither is listed as counsel of record on any federal criminal case in the Southern District of Texas.

Cochell bills himself as "Your Outside General Counsel," whatever that means. Bebel markets himself as a securities expert, which is a good thing to have around when you're charged with securities fraud.

Cochell and Bebel have not asked to substitute in for Robert S. "..." Bennett. Stanford still, as far as I know, has no money; neither Cochell nor Biebel is on the list of CJA counsel in the district. Since they're now in...'s 20,000,000-page criminal-defense death march until Judge Hittner lets them out, they'll have arranged to get paid, and to put their other clients on hold for the next six months.

Because nobody would glom on to that case just for the publicity.

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