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 Posted on October 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

In a comment to this post, in which I wrote:

I con­fess that I don't know who JD Underground's denizens are. Drop­ping in there is like vis­it­ing a party at which a bunch of doughy masked frat boys alter­nately slap-fight and mas­tur­bate each other. It's frankly dis­turb­ing.

...JD Underground denizen "patentesq" asks, "Hey, Bennett how about arguing your points on JDU?"

I wonder: what part of my description of JD Underground does patentesq find so appealing? Does he like the doughy fratboys, the slap-fighting, or the mutual masturbation? Or is the whole package what attracts him so much to the site that he thinks I should want to be there too?

Then patentesq's fellow doughy masked frat boys discuss who Mark Bennett is. Which is funny, first inherently-because if identity were important to them, they'd be identifying themselves-and second because "who Mark Bennett is" is no mystery: I've written more than 850,000 words here; I have a separate advertising website; I'm active on Twitter; I've got videos online; I've been interviewed by various media outlets. I'm very much the opposite of an anonymous commenter.

JD Underground's anonymous commenters are like lapdogs behind a high fence yipping at the big dogs running free.

Freedom is great, pups. Come on out from behind your fence, and let's play.

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