Not Writing But Typing

 Posted on May 06, 2008 in Uncategorized

Connecticut lawyer (and Gerry Spence chronicler) Norm Pattis, who Googles himself regularly, takes a crack at describing A Typology of Legal Blogs.

Blawgs, says Norm, come in three flavors: "prophetic" (his, Appellate Law and Practice, SCOTUSBlog), "proselytizing" (Simple Justice), and "incestuous" (Matlock).

I'm interested in the ways that blawgs fit together. I've written on the topic here and described a method for mapping the blawgosphere here. I've given the different types of blawgs some thought.

Norm's a smart guy - by some accounts brilliant - but his typology strikes me as forced. Is it either accurate or fair to call Shawn's blog "incestuous"? Is Shawn's blog really any more resistant to outside influence than Scott's... or yours, Norm? Why the disapprobation for a blawg that you read and on which you comment?

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