Picking a Jury

 Posted on November 05, 2007 in Uncategorized

I'm in trial today, picking a jury in Houston on the case that was last set for trial on October 1st. (I'm actually sitting in the courtroom during the lunch break between the judge's voir dire and the State's.

My client and his brother are accused of murder; they thought they were about to be victims of a drive-by shooting, so when they heard gunshots they started shooting as well.

The brother is represented by a lawyer whom I trust absolutely, which takes a lot of pressure off me - I won't coast (though I probably could), but I don't have to worry about fighting cocounsel as well as the State. The third and fourth codefendants are fugitives (one ran after the last trial setting), which helps as well - the guilty guys (the ones who started the shooting) are nowhere to be found.

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