Please Explain this Scam

 Posted on August 27, 2018 in Uncategorized

Every month or so for about the last year I've received an email purportedly marketing "estimators," "estimating services," or "material take-offs."

Emails have been from:

  1. "Luke Shaw" of "International Estimating, LLC," 14 East, 4th Street, Suite 405, New York City, NY 10012;

  2. "David Jackson" of "International Estimating, LLC," 14 East, New York City, NY;

  3. "Jacky Lee" of "International Estimating, LLC," 14 East, 4th Street, Suite 405, New York City, NY 10012;

  4. "David Jackson," again, of "International Estimating, LLC," 14 East, New York City, NY; and

  5. "Jack Haber" of "Intl MEP Estimating, LLC," 2701 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Suite 201, Coral Gables, FL 33134.

International Estimating, LLC has a page written in Indian English:

Dear Sir/Madam, We are providing reliable and comprehensible Takeoffs/cost estimates to our clients through information & knowledge developed over one and a half decade in the business.We claim 98% accuracy in all trades/scope take-offs because we are utilizing certified software and a team of experienced estimators and civil engineers is working on them.We provide estimates with detailed line items and we follow CSI divisions for client's convenience.Currently we are offering lowest rates in the market.Send over the plans so we can give you a quotation for price and turnaround time. Please let me know if you have any questions.ThanksKind Regards,Mark HenrySenior Business Development ManagerINTERNATIONAL ESTIMATING, LLC14 East, 4th Street, Suite 405, New York City, NY 10012Tel: (718)-450-9282Email: mh@internationalestimating.comAlt Email: markhennryie@gmail.comWeb: internationalestimating.comServices ProvidedCost Estimation, Quantities take-off & Material take-offAreas ServedALL STATE OF USA & CANADA

All of those emails contained the same return phone number: (718) 450-9282. (Please try it and tell me what you find; they seem to have me blocked.) Spokeo lists that as a T-Mobile landline in the Bronx.

"International Estimating, LLC" has a website that lists among its projects "Newwark Liberty International Airport, New Jeresy."

"International Estimation LLC's" Projects

I have also received emails from:

  1. "Eric Steven" of "Guarantee Estimation LLC";

  2. "Jerry Shane" of "Guarantee Estimation LLC"

  3. "Tony Martin" of "Guarantee Estimation LLC," 4908 Bell Ridge Lane Suite 106 Milton FL 32571.

The Steven and Martin emails contained the return phone number, (850) 400-6861. Spokeo says that's a Sprint landline in Milton, Florida. "Guarantee Estimation" has an uninformative website and a page written in Ukrainglish, with that Milton, Florida address but "areas served" in New York.

Another estimation spammer was "James Thomas" of "Bid Solution INC" (website) using the telephone number (510) 488-4552. Spokeo lists that as an Oakland, California number. ZoomInfo lists "Scott Brian" as "Marketing Manager at Bid Solution INC".

What is going on here? I don't think I'm their target market, since I don't see these emails and say, "I GOTTA GET ME SOME OF THAT," but I guess that when you are in the spam business the marginal cost of sending an email to another address is near zero.

I can't even imagine what kind of person sees these emails and says IGGMSOT. So what's the scam, and what's the end-game?

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