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 Posted on July 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

The original version of this post included two lawyers who had cried "victim." I identified neither; only a very small group (six people) knew who both were; those six already knew my opinion.

While I had not identified him and had explicitly disclaimed calling him a sociopath (he has mental-health problems, but they undisputably do not include a lack of conscience), one of them recognized himself and incorrectly concluded that I was calling him a sociopath. When he nagged me about it, in the interest of peace I very reluctantly took the unprecedented step of removing the reference to him-the other example of victim-stance behavior was sufficient.

Unfortunately, he took my gesture of peace as a sign of weakness, and began publicly demanding a public apology (after privately threatening violence, motherfucking me, and frightening my office staff). He then also appointed himself defender of the other lawyer's honor. In paroxysms of impotent rage he lashed out on Twitter and in comments here.

I removed his comments here because I didn't think his name needed to be connected to this post; I have since vacillated on that, and on whether to restore the original text. Republishing this lawyer's words is the worst thing that I can imagine doing to him-sometimes people sabotage themselves, often without knowing it; it's not my job to help them.

Instead I've cut off contact with him, following Rule One. I have blocked his Twitter account and killfiled his emails-extreme and rare action that I only take for those who are a persistent net negative in my life.

If he continues to insist on injecting himself into my existence, I may have to find a different tack.

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