Setting up Obihai OBi100 and Vocalocity

 Posted on November 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

This is not a tech blog, but when I spend time finding an answer to a tech question that Google doesn't have, I'm going to publish it here.

I use Vocalocity for my office phones. It's a voice-over-IP service. I have one extension ringing ing the downtown office, and one extension ringing at the same time in the Heights office. I also have various forwarding schemes set up for various times during the day.

I had an analog phone connected to Vocalocity at the Heights office via a Cisco SPA2102. It worked fine for a while, but lately it has been disconnecting outgoing calls after thirty seconds, which is inconvenient. So I ordered an Obihai OBi100

Nobody had documented what to plug in where on the OBi100 setup page. So here you go...

This is Vocalocity's "Devices" tab for the phone extension I wanted to set up. The blurred number next to "sip-" is my Vocalocity account number. The MAC address is that of the OBi100; I inputted it. The SIP/Authorization ID is Vocalocity-assigned:

Here's the OBi100 setup page. The Service Provider Proxy Server is the "proxy" URL from Vocalocity. The user name is the Vocalocity SIP/Authorization ID. The password is the same on the Vocalocity page and the OBi100 page (6+ characters, at least one number and at least one uppercase letter):

I hope that someone finds this helpful.

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