Simple Rules for Better Jury Selection [Updated]

 Posted on July 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

An evolving list:

Rule Zero

  1. The Nike Rule.

  2. The First Blind Date Rule.

  3. The Shrek Rule.

  4. The 90/10 Rule.

  5. MacCarthy's Bar Rule.

  6. Improv Rule I.

  7. Improv Rule II.

  8. The Shrink Rule.

  9. The Beer Pong Rule.

  10. The Marathon Rule.

  11. The Playing Doctor Rule.

  12. The Field Trip Rule.

  13. The Undertow Rule.

  14. The Atticus Finch Rule.

  15. The Bat Rule.

  16. The Herd Rule.

More detail in posts to come.

[If you have ideas for better names for some of the rules (especially Improv Rule I), drop me a line.]

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