Students' Responses to Judge Standley's Talk

 Posted on March 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Clear Springs High School students' responses to the folderol surrounding Judge Standley's talk at their school last week (from Facebook):

Mickey Carr These are some of my friend's replies (from clear springs students) when I asked what had happened and from other friend's status updates as well, I didn't put their name up here, but once again I hope these offer a little comfort.

"This whole thing is RIDICULOUS. he didn't say it was "ok to do drugs as long as we didn't get caught." what he was really saying was he knows that he can't stop us no matter what adults tell us not to do because we are bound to experiment because we are teenagers, but we must know the consequences and the severity of the damage we could cause. i think a lot of people are just being immature about this whole thing. it just takes one person to blow shit out of proportion. you really think a JUDGE would say it's "ok" to do drugs at an assembly for MADD? come on now. jeez."

"i think this whole thing is a misinterpretation. he wasn't asking our favorite drugs or cigar flavors. a lot of his questions were rhetorical. its sad that not everyone understood that. and the drug screening was just a joke. if anything it couldn't be mandatory because a parent's consent would be needed, or it would be mandatory if that person was suspected of being on drugs. a lot of what was said has been twisted, no, mangled into something else."

"Yeah, this whole thing is bs: everyone needs to grow some balls b/c we hear worse things from people at school everyday. If you couldn't handle that, then you can't handle hs and college. Darn a judge for speaking the truth."

" I knw right, they r makin a big deal bout nuthin. n all dat bull bout him offendin ppl is stupid cause they hear da same crap @ skool!"

"I thought the whole thing is ridiculous myself: if he wasn't a judge, but a former druggie or somehing, all this shit wouldn't have happened"

"I think the judge thing is being blown out of porportion and ppl need to lay off im pretty sure he is suffering enough thanks to being put on t.v. After hearing both sides of the story i feel so bad for him he was only trying help us understand"

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