Take Two Aspirin But...

 Posted on February 08, 2008 in Uncategorized

If it is before noon and a weekday, I am probably chugging along at either the Harris County Criminal "Justice" Center or the Houston federal courthouse. If I'm not in trial, I'm taking notes on a file, or negotiating with a prosecutor, or investigating, or filing stuff.

If you call me, I will probably answer the phone. Because I never know when it's an emergency, and when I'm doing most of those things I can still answer my phone.

But I'll be preoccupied, in the zone, focused, and intense. In other words, I will seem unfriendly. If it's not an emergency (that is, something that you need me to do something about before noon) I'll probably ask that you call me back after noon.

So, unless it's an emergency, please don't call me in the morning.

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