The Dubois, Wyoming Blawgers' Convention

 Posted on July 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

When I learned that Hostis Civitas and MacLitigator were both spending July at Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, Wyoming (joining Underdog and In The Moment in the world of TLC-lawyer-written blawgs), I had hopes that one of them would find a way to blog from Thunderhead Ranch, becoming the first lawyer to do so.

I still hope to hear from Remy or Peter while they're at the Ranch, but it's too late for either of them to be first - Gerry Spence himself has started a blog.

Many people buy Gerry's books; many hang on his every pronouncement. His blog will be big in the way that his books are big. There's no reason to think that he'll waste his time writing about the water-cooler issues of the day, either - he's jumped right in, asking, "What if freedom is a myth?" and then "What do I mean by our slavery?" and then suggesting that "The way out" is "to abandon easy words... [to] search[] the width and breadth of our slavery, [to] struggle against the psychic chains and wince at the invisible lash at our backs."

The blawgosphere is not a book. Different medium, different rules. I confess that I've never been able to plow through one of Gerry's books, and I'm hopeful that his ideas will translate better to this new medium.

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