Things to Make Congruent

 Posted on October 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

This is a note, extracted from the preceding post for special attention later.

For charismatic leadership, all of these should be congruent with the emotion that you are seeking to elicit:

  1. The values you appeal to;

  2. The metaphors you use;

  3. The emotion you display; and

  4. The language you use.

The emotion you elicit, in turn, should be congruent with the action you are seeking to prompt.

So it all starts with the action you are seeking to prompt.

Is the valence positive (affiliative) or negative (expulsive)? Is the focus inward (object of the action (e.g. your client) in the same group as the subject (e.g. the jury)) or outward (client outside jury's group)?

You can probably imagine scenarios in which you would want to elicit each of these types of moral emotion, but the most common is probably in the upper-right quadrant, eliciting an emotion that will lead the jury to affiliate, through you, with your outgroup client.

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