Trial Lawyers and Litigators

 Posted on February 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

AHCL keeps taking Pat Lykos to task for calling herself a "litigator" when she has, as far as anyone can tell, never actually tried a case of any sort, much less a criminal case.

I think the fact that Lykos calls herself a "litigator" is the best evidence that she has, in fact, never tried a case.

Trial lawyers are proud of their work; if someone claims to be a "litigator" you can bet dollars-to-donuts that she hasn't tried a case in years, if ever.

Litigation is what we do on the way to trial, but most litigation doesn't result in trial. All trial lawyers are litigators, but not all litigators are trial lawyers.

I think it's probably like "surgeon" and "doctor."

Or "astronaut" and "pilot."

"Homicide detective" and "cop."

"Marathon runner" and "pedestrian."

"Rock star" and "musician?"

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