TSA Mission Creep

 Posted on September 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

What does the transportation of oxycodone and cash have to do with transportation security?


Three Transportation Security Administration employees, a police officer and a state trooper were among 20 people arrested and accused of running an interstate prescription drug ring, officials said on Tuesday.

This case stands not only for the proposition that TSA employees are not incorruptible, and shouldn't be trusted with our personal property (part of the problem, in case you're interested, is that TSA doesn't track who has searched which bag), much less our civil liberties, but also for the proposition that the TSA is a bureaucracy out of control, meddling in affairs unrelated to the reasons it was created.

It was necessary for the smugglers to bribe TSA agents to look the other way when they were transporting prescription pills and money (neither being contraband per se) because the TSA makes us less free in ways that don't make us any safer.

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