Tyler Flood Can't Help Himself

 Posted on November 05, 2009 in Uncategorized

From the Houston Press article on Houston DWI lawyer Tyler Flood:

On all of his sites, Flood's biography starts with his No. 4 class rank in law school. It doesn't mention that he graduated during the summer with 17 other people. (In fact, the site for Flood Publishing, which sells law school flash cards, claims he graduated in May.) Flood also has a reputation for bad-mouthing other lawyers to potential clients, a serious sin in the cliquish community of DWI defenders. When clients make their free consultation rounds, those who've already seen Flood might be getting his texts while sitting in the next lawyer's office."I can't help it," Flood says.

I've got nothing against Tyler Flood. In fact, I like him. I wasn't even aware that he had a reputation for badmouthing other lawyers for potential clients-it doesn't seem to have done me any harm-but it doesn't change how I feel about him (lots of my clients friends have impulse-control problems).

I'm glad to learn it, even.

If there's one type of client I hate to represent, it's the type that wants a lawyer who badmouths other lawyers to get a case. So from now on at least I know who to steer those potential clients toward:

Look: I'll try to keep you from making any huge mistakes in hiring counsel, but all of those criminal-defense lawyers who you've told me you're considering are highly ethical and extremely good at their jobs. You can't go wrong by hiring any of us; your only problem is picking the one you trust most with your freedom. You want to hear bad things about other criminal-defense lawyers? I can't help you. Call Tyler Flood.

Thanks, Tyler. You da man!

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